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  • YMCA McBurney - Chiller Replacement
  • YMCA McBurney - Chiller Replacement

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YMCA McBurney - Chiller Replacement

The YMCA is a worldwide community-focused nonprofit known for “empowering young people” through it’s recreational and development programs. EP Engineering worked with YMCA McBurney facilities to assemble a team of consultants (Architectural, Structural and Expediting Services) to replace an existing chiller array that was nearing the end of it’s useful life. In addition to the standard services of sizing, selecting and powering the new chiller array, EP Engineering acted as the prime consultant that managed all sub consultants to provide comprehensive solutions that often extended beyond the purview of MEP Engineering.

Location: 125 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011


  • Providing new chillers on the existing dunnage, and within the existing footprint, that do not require a 24 hour on-site refrigeration operating engineer.
  • Working with rigging constraints to replace the chillers when the existing dry cooler economizer was providing all cooling for YMCA.
  • Verifying that the existing system infrastructure and equipment can support the new replacement chillers.


  • Provided a system that can connect to the existing chiller infrastructure and is compatible with new control and BMS work being performed.
  • Through careful coordination with the structural engineer (A Degree of Freedom), architect (DesBrisay & Smith Architects) and expeditor (Burnham New York), the project was filed, bid and constructed within the tight schedule.

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