The Keller Mixed Use Development

EP provides full MEP design services for the new residential condominium building located at 150 Barrow Street.  The development consists of the rehabilitation of the individually landmarked Keller Hotel (150 Barrow) and construction of a new structure on the vacant lot to the east (144 Barrow).  The two structures will be combined to create a new 7-story, 44,000 square foot, mixed use building, which will feature (24) residential units, (2) ground floor commercial units and several tenant amenity spaces.

Working alongside BKSK Architects, EP Engineering helped facilitate a design that provided the elements expected of high end condominiums, while also working around the spatial and structural constraints of the existing Keller Hotel.


150 Barrow Street New York, NY 10014

Project Size

7-story, 44,000 sf

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Engineering challenges

  • Coordinating around existing and proposed steel members throughout the Keller Hotel.
  • Providing individual systems (instead of common) for each apartment, while also complying with landmarks requirements.
  • Coordinating utility room layouts to be located above the design flood elevation.

Engineering outcomes

  • Shaft and chase locations were provided in areas that worked with the existing structural, while also not sacrificing the proposed floorplans and desired ceiling heights.
  • Condensing unit, fan and other rooftop equipment locations were oriented to be out of the sightline from the street and adhere to NYC Landmarks specific requirements.
  • Utility rooms were located in an elevated portion of the ground floor, to ensure equipment was located above the DFE, while also sacrificing as little valuable ground floor area as possible.

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