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New York City-based MEP engineering firm EP Engineering offers a comprehensive suite of services. We build for sustainable design, delivering on state-of-the-art infrastructure and interior work for office and retail spaces, residential apartment buildings, healthcare facilities, educational centers and hospitality markets.




Fire Alarm

Fire Protection

Telecommunications Design

Green Building &
LEED certification

Energy Audits & Benchmarking


Click on this video to learn more about how we marry form & function on our Residential Developments projects.

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Educational Centers

We strive to build functional, collaborative environments that cultivate the next generation of thought leaders.

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Passive House

As award-winning specialists in sustainable design, we are a foremost thought leader in Passive House and other areas within sustainability. In the nation’s push for clean energy and electrification, Passive House offers an optimal solution and one that developers are taking seriously. EP Engineering has worked with numerous developers to develop Passive House buildings for affordable, senior and supportive housing.

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EP builds ventilation systems that keep kitchens safe and open. Our designs are compliant with New York State’s guidelines for safe restaurants, ensuring proper ventilation to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

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As the go-to engineering firm for major hoteliers, retail and hospitality brands, EP Engineering is an expert in designing fun and functional spaces that stand apart as coveted social scenes.

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office building interior


Our holistic approach to office space prioritizes the scaling of new technology systems and wellness areas. EP Engineering’s office designs catalyze employees to do their best work.

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healthcare facility

Healthcare Facilities

We build hospitals and medical centers with a high degree of attention to must-have features, like backup power and critical systems. We are passionate about building our vibrant systems and spaces help our communities heal.

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