Chaps & Co NYC Barbershop

Chaps & Co, a bespoke barbershop that originated in Dubai and has recently made its way to New York. EP played an integral role in this feat as the MEP design firm responsible for the engineering scope on this project located at 1165 Broadway, New York, NY. The 1,500 SF space with 6 barber stations and a café area was fit out with all new MEP systems to provide a successful beginning of the brand’s launch in the Unites States.


1165 Broadway New York, NY 1001

Project Size

1,500 sf

Engineering challenges

  • The building was under construction during the design of this space. Constant coordination and supervision was required to stay on top of any modifications being made to the building design to ensure that all base building systems were being delivered to the space in an appropriate capacity and location to achieve the design intent for the space.
  • Detailed investigation of the building was required to find an outdoor location for the HVAC split condenser that was feasible for installation as well as acceptable by building management.

Engineering outcomes


  • The lighting design and controls were crucial to the operation of the space to ensure adequate lighting for the barbers while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the store

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