The Peninsula Mixed Use Development

The Peninsula, once a Spofford Youth Detention Facility, will now be dramatically reimagined into a mixed-use campus including affordable housing, a health and wellness center, daycare, film production studio, Fresh Food grocery, and more. EP Engineering provides MEP design for the two high-rise residential buildings which will be a part of phase 2 for the development. Building 2A will be 13 stories and 230,000 sqft and Building 2B will be 16 stories and 195,000 sqft which include commercial and community facility space, a common enclosed parking garage, publicly accessible open space, and one to four-bedroom affordable housing units. Both buildings are designed to meet Enterprise Green Communities Criteria and LEED Silver requirements.

Project Team: Hudson Companies, Gilbane, WXY Studio, Body Lawson Associates, Brightpower, and the Mutual Housing Association of NY


Building 2A – 1201 Spofford Ave
Building 2B – 1207 Spofford Ave

Project Size

Building 2A – 230,000 sf
Building 2B – 195,000 sf

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Engineering challenges

  • Maintaining maximum ceiling height within apartment units
  • Coordinating rooftop equipment with solar panels
  • To increase energy efficiency, design a combined heat and power (CHP) plant

Engineering outcomes

  • Provided Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pump systems to heat and cool the building.
  • Wall-mounted ductless units were utilized to keep ceilings high in living rooms and bedrooms
  • Ventilation ductwork and sprinkler line crossings were coordinated to only occur in areas where ceilings could be dropped (i.e. – closets)
  • Rooftop condensing units were located beneath the solar panel pergola structure and provided with discharge hoods to prevent short cycling
  • A separate cogeneration system was designed for each building to utilize waste heat from a microturbine for domestic hot water production

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