2020 Year in Review

Chart showing 3% of profit, 3% of time, 3% of fees

Here at EP Engineering 2020 presented not only new challenges, but ways for us to be creative in solutions. With the spread of COVID 19 shutting down our offices and in person activities for the first two quarters, we adapted to fully remote work life. We were able to transition into working from home effortlessly, so much so clients reached out for advice on how to make their transitions from office to home as seamless. EP also managed to avoid any major IT issues and implemented new platforms to maintain efficiency and connectivity with our clients and amongst employees. To ensure employees were appreciated during this time we introduced Kudos, a recognition system that allowed us to communicate our gratitude and stay engaged with co-workers.

Team Building
Though team building activities looked different this year, EP managed to host multiple virtual group activities:

  • Fitness Challenges:
    Being at home left everyone more inactive than usual, so to promote health and wellness, EP created the pushups and squats challenge. Each were a month-long challenge, where everyone grouped up into teams to reach the goal of 100 push ups or squats in one day by the end of the challenge. The friendly competition was a great wait to stay connected.
  • Scavenger Hunt:
    This summer, we held a virtual scavenger hunt where employees had to share pictures of the specified item within their neighborhoods. It was a fun way to stay active while still maintaining social distancing.
  • Virtual Happy Hours:
    Each week from March until June we all participated in virtual happy hours where we were able to discuss and support one another as we worked through a pandemic.
  • Virtual Holiday Party:
    Each year we have two holiday celebrations, a white elephant gift exchange and a holiday party. To uphold social distancing and COVID 19 guidelines we held our gift exchange and party virtually. The white elephant exchange was done in the form of an interactive presentation and each attendee was provided an alcohol free cocktail kit which included all necessary ingredients to make the cocktail of their choice.