Buildings Bulletin 2017-009 – Alterations Affecting Sprinkler Systems

Buildings Bulletin (BB) 2017-009 was just released on September 5th and supersedes BB 2012-009. As with BB 2012-009, the new bulletin describes the sprinkler installation and compartmentation requirements for existing buildings undergoing alterations. However, BB 2017-009 also adds in standpipe requirements and expands on the sprinkler sections from the previous bulletin. Below is a description of the main changes/additions to the bulletin:

  • Temporary Core Sprinkler Protection (TCSP) shall be connected to a building’s fire alarm system. If no fire alarm system is present, TCSP shall be connected to a local annunciation and notification system.
  • Partially occupied floors that do not require TCSP are now limited to those with compartmentation of not less than 1-hour rating and not greater than 52,000 ft2 in area.
  • Additional provisions have been added for partially occupied floors that do not require TCSP:
    • Sprinkler heads shall be placed on both sides of all entrances and exits from the work area.
    • Heat detectors shall be placed on the construction side of the entrance doors to the temporary compartmented work area.
    • Where the work areas is near a stairwell, no sprinkler heads shall be placed inside the stairwell.
    • All required exits shall be maintained for the duration of construction, including those from the work area.
  • A new section has been added which requires that the full floor be sprinklered if the proposed work will take one year or more.
  • “Alterations Affecting Standpipe System” section has been added. Owners must make FDNY aware of the removal of any standpipe system from service, regardless of length of time, and of any malfunctioning system so that the FDNY can adjust it’s firefighting procedures.
  • The DOB/FDNY Permit Application Processes are now more clearly defined.

Click here for the full text of BB 2017-009.