DOB Appointments System

The DOB Appointments online plan exam appointment scheduler was launched on October 1st of 2018 and replaced the previously utilized process of calling 311 to make appointments through the Plan Examination Notification System (PENS).  In an effort to provide better Plan Examiner availability, the DOB has now instituted appointment maximums, that were previously in place for the 311 system, for the online DOB Appointments System.  The changes are as follows:

A maximum of three appointments per job number are allowed to be in scheduled status at the same time. There are also limits based on document number:

  • New Building (NB) and Alt1 jobs – two 40 minute appointments with the same job and document number
  • Alt2, Alt3 and all other jobs – one 20 minute appointment with the same job and document number

Appointments that are found to exceed the above limits are subject to cancellation by DOB staff.  In such cases, the applicant and scheduler will receive a cancellation email for each cancelled appointment.

For more information on scheduling an appointment, click here.