DOB Project Guidelines

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) development a new series of articles and checklists designed to explain the general operational, administrative and technical requirements related to specific project types. The Project Guidelines were created to help you navigate through each step of your next project. These stages include:

  • Pre-approval of a Project – Know what is required to submit a project application and obtain an approval.
  • Pre-permit and ongoing work phase of Project – Learn about Contractor requirements, site safety requirements, required inspections, and obtaining a permit.
  • Project Close-out – Learn how to close-out a completed project, or obtain Sign-off and/or Letter of Completion.

These guidelines give those that are unfamiliar with the DOB process, insight into the department’s project requirements for the construction industry. However, this initiative is meant to be an outline and users should still consult with their Registered Design Professional regarding code requirements and technical requirements. Additionally, there are also helpful resources for Owners, Design Professionals, Skilled Tradesmen and Registrants. Below is a compiled list of these and other links.