EP Provides Pro Bono Work to Wild Bird Fund

Since 2012, the Wild Bird Fund has been caring for sick, injured and orphaned wild birds and small mammals in their Upper West Side wildlife rehabilitation clinic. Each year, WBF rehabilitates more than 11,000 animals from more than 180 species, with the goal of releasing them back to the wilds of NYC. After hearing about the organization’s plans to expand to Brooklyn, EP Engineering decided to offer pro bono services to the Wild Bird Fund to ensure the organization’s resources are spent caring for the animals.

This collaboration aims to expand the Wild Bird Fund’s capacity to treat more wildlife from Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. EP is utilizing its expertise to design an advanced HVAC system specifically tailored to combat Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI). This thoughtful integration of technology underscores EP Engineering’s commitment to both the well-being of wildlife and to public health. The synergy between EP Engineering and the Wild Bird Fund exemplifies how corporate responsibility and technical innovation can come together to make a positive impact on both environmental and public health fronts.

Learn more and get involved with Wild Bird Fund by following the link below: https://www.wildbirdfund.org/