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Grounds to Grow On

EP Engineering has incorporated The Grounds to Grow On program into our everyday office sustainability practices. The Grounds to Grow On program converts brewed K-Cup packs into useable alternatives. While they continue to research and develop other earth friendly packaging solutions for the K-Cup pack, the recovery program provides an alternative method of disposal, outside of the landfill. We agree with Ground to Grown on when they say “A second life spent enriching soil and creating energy sounds like a second life worth living”. They promise that when you say goodbye to your brewed K-Cup pack they will make sure its next journey is a good one.

EP believes that when each one of us contributes in a small way to living in a more sustainable community, our collective efforts can show the real Power of Recycling. Recycling conserves our natural resources to protect and preserve the planet for our children. It reduces the waste that builds up in our landfills and goes into incinerators. Recycling also reduces the production of greenhouse gases caused by the extraction and processing of raw materials. This saves energy by reducing the need to extract and process those raw materials.

Recycling also helps create new and needed jobs for both the recycling industry as well as manufacturing. It’s a win for all!
Consider implementing this program in your own office or home. We can all do our small part to help!

In an effort to reduce their overall carbon footprint, recovery bins are made from 75% recycled content, reused approximately 15 times, and shipped via the UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping program.


They listen carefully to client needs and explain things in layman terms. I also like working with a smaller firm and having access to the principal.

Carol Ann Albrektsen, Vice President, TF Cornerstone

EP Engineering has quickly become our firm’s primary consulting engineering firm. From start to finish we have received exceeding care and attention to our project needs and exceptional service. Looking forward to working together on future projects to come!

Anton G. Mitchell, Partner, Terjesen Associates Architects

EP Engineering has been a valuable team member on several recent projects. I definitely recommend them.

Peter Conant, Partner, Vocon

EP Engineering has done a few projects for us, and they were by far the best engineering company we have ever used, and we have used many of them throughout the years. They were professional, responsive to all questions regarding the jobs and quick in their responses. I would highly recommend any company out there to make their lives easier and to use them for their next project.

Carmelo Cusati, Building Engineer, Princeton Properties

I couldn’t ask for a more responsive and knowledgeable team. They always respond quickly with accurate info which helps the projects finish on time. I almost regret writing this because selfishly, I want them all to myself.

Joshua Turman, Real Estate Manager, Princeton Properties

Having worked with EP Engineering on four Hello Living projects to date, EP has proven time and time again to be a professional, knowledgeable, innovative group whose input and contributions to our projects have been invaluable. From producing quality MEP drawings to providing assistance at any hour of the day and stage of the project, EP Engineering is responsive, diligent, and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working together again in the future, and would confidently recommend EP Engineering to anyone in need of a top-notch MEP design/consulting firm.

Eli Karp, Founder/CEO, Hello Living

Thorough knowledgeable professionalism in an evolving field of energy conservation.

Theoharis David, Theo David Architects

EP Engineering has been a valuable team member on several recent projects. I definitely recommend them.

Peter Conant, Partner, Vocon

EP Engineering is a pleasure to work with. Their entire stable of engineers work easily and knowledgably with the other consultants, present very flexible and willing approach to design, always striving to help keep the project profitable for the owner. Their management is very hands on and involved, able to creatively see around corners, ensuring quality design, good production times and well-coordinated between disciplines, which is a rare treat in this industry. Over many projects together, we hold EP Engineering in high esteem.

Phillip Hayes, Senior Project Manager, JBS Project Management

As an architect I truly value the team at EP Engineering and the great impression they’ve made with many of our clients. They understand that the design process is organic and they patiently offer their expertise during the early stages of design.

Ralph M. Beiran, Owner, RMBA

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