Wellness Event: Nutrition for the Busy Professional

As busy professionals we usually take the easy route, make excuses, and skip the better options for ourselves since they may take longer or seem an inconvenience. The most common excuse we say is that we simply “don’t have time.” Everything that we put into our bodies is used in some way, some good and some bad, depending on what we’re consuming. This has an effect on our energy, mind, and overall health.

On May 11, Marissa Vicario of Marissa’s Well-being and Health, came in and gave us tips on how to make healthy habits with our busy schedules.

Just like you schedule important meetings in your calendar, it can also work wonders to schedule your meals and workouts. Make it a habit to
take a look at your week ahead and plan around your schedule. Prep your meals ahead of time so you can bring your lunches into work. Give yourself more time in the morning to have a balance breakfast instead of choosing fast food. When you choose whole foods, you can eat more food.

Thanks to Marissa for stopping by our office and teaching us about smart nutrition!

Marissa Vicario McFarland
Marissa’s Well-being and Health