Bustle Office Space

Rising media company, Bustle, has opened their newest space in Midtown Manhattan. The project was a full floor renovation with a focus on open layouts and exposed ceilings. Occupants enjoy custom millwork, high end finishes and customized grooved oval ductwork, turning a typical “function-only” component into a form element.



158 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001

Project Size

9,600 sf

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Engineering challenges

  • Attempting to re-use as much existing sprinkler piping as possible.
  • Minimize ductwork and duct heights.
  • Returning air from rooms will all glass walls and no ceiling plenums.

Engineering outcomes

  • Existing sprinkler piping was surveyed meticulously to maintain most of the existing main lines without conflict with new ductwork.
  • Main ducts were run in core area and then divided to pass into main where heights were minimized and did not interfere with elements below the plane of the lighting.
  • Enclosed conference rooms with glass walls were provided with transfer ducts within wall cavities to avoid having to cut transfer grilles into glass walls

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