Cutler & Gross SoHo NYC

Cutler and Gross have relocated their New York store from 110 to 71 Mercer Street, embracing a larger 2,400 sq ft space housed in a historic pre-war building dating back to the 1920s. Designed by New York-based architects Leong Leong, the new store draws inspiration from archival libraries and social clubs of the past, reflecting a blend of intellectual gathering places and artistic sanctuaries. While providing full MEP design services for the space, several engineering design challenges arose as plans were laid out for the modernization of the existing infrastructure.


71 Mercer Street New York, NY

Project Size

2,400 sf

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Engineering outcomes

  • The HVAC system was updated from a single-zone, naturally ventilated system to a multi-zone system with individual temperature control and full-coverage fresh air supply.
  • To ensure the warm, subtle lighting would enhance the display of eyewear throughout the store, extensive coordination was performed with the lighting consultant (TM Light) and electricians.

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