McDonalds Multiple Locations in NYC

EP has worked with McDonalds to renovate multiple of their locations throughout New York. The most recent is a renovation is the 5,800 square foot restaurant located at 1651 Broadway, New York, NY. This project included modifications to the kitchen equipment and exhaust system, a complete renovation of the seating areas, and conversion of HVAC and Refrigeration equipment from air-cooled to water-cooled to more efficiently serve the space.


Multiple locations in NYC

Project Size

5,800 sf

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Engineering challenges

  • Determining the available capacity of the existing cooling tower that was to be utilized for cooling the HVAC and Refrigerant systems, as there were multiple tenants that had various equipment connected.
  • The design team had to adapt and respond to new restrictions and regulations due to COVID-19, such as condensed project schedule and ventilation regulations.

Engineering outcomes

  • Working with the design and construction team to expeditiously review shop drawings and provide solutions to conflicts in the field that were uncovered during demolition.

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