Shifted Recording Studio Brooklyn

EP Engineering worked with Shifted recording studio and DesBrisay and Smith Architects to convert a 3,100 square foot garage warehouse into a full recording studio. The studio features recording booths, control rooms, production rooms, tracking room, and a lounge with kitchenette. All of the rooms are built as soundproof enclosures with floating wall and ceiling construction for all sound sensitive rooms.


855 Humboldt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Project Size

3,100 sf

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Engineering challenges

  • Coordination with existing conditions was difficult with varying floor elevations, ramps, and a sloped roof.
  • Designing and locating an independent air handler for each soundproof room with fully ducted supply and returns.
  • Providing fully coordinated MEP services around new double-walled room conditions and secondary floating ceilings.

Engineering outcomes

  • Close coordination with an acoustical engineer during design and careful implementation of mechanical system and duct silences led to a noise criteria of 20 in all sound sensitive rooms.
  • Providing independent zone temperature control with both heating and cooling available year round due to highly insulated soundproof rooms.

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