Sushi Making Time!

The art of sushi isn’t something that is easy to learn. Chefs dedicate their careers to mastering the traditional techniques and customs used in preparing this delicate cuisine.  Under the guidance of Chef Mamie Nishide, the EP team learned about the prep work and techniques needed to properly hand roll sushi.  Did you know that the real secret to authentic sushi is the type of rice used and the way it is prepared?  The rice is the foundation of sushi, therefore it needs to be cooked a certain way and only the correct amount can be be used so it doesn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients. The rice is also key to shaping and holding the roll together. Additionally, were given some tips to finding and purchasing in-season fish and vegetables and how to cut each properly. The real work began when it came to learning how to use the bamboo mats to form the three types of rolls.  After all the prep and work, we were able to compare and enjoy our sushi creations over laughs and conversation.

Sushi making is certainly an art form, and you get to eat the masterpiece!

Interested in taking a class yourself? Check out Chef Nishide’s website for her sushi making class and more!