The Three 3’s Pledge. A look back at what we accomplished in 2018!

Back in 2016 we established our Three 3’s initiative. Our hope is to use our leverage as a small business to give back to the community and to the environment. We also want to provide our employees a chance to be a part of something important that is more than just a job. If you have been following our updates, you might have seen our efforts throughout 2018.  As a reminder, the THREE 3’s initiative is a pledge to give back to the community as follows – 3% of PROFIT is donated to charity, 3% of PTO TIME is dedicated to volunteering efforts and 3% of FEE must be pro-bono work for institutions promoting community and sustainability.

Here’s an overview of what we accomplished this past year:

3% of Profit
GOAL = $6,000
We ended crushing this goal with almost $20,000 donated to a wide selection of causes in 2018.
A listing of our charity partners can be found below.

  • Ocean Conservancy
  • Earth Justice
  • Sane Energy Project
  • Project Sunshine
  • The Humane Society
  • City Harvest
  • Circle Camps
  • Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue
  • Building Homes for Heroes
  • Environmental Working Group
  • Farm Sanctuary
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Monmouth County SPCA
  • North Shore Animal League
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Virunga Fund
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Sierra Club
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • Project Chimps

Don’t forget our 2018 employees donations as well – here each employee was asked to select their favorite charity.
18 charities were selected and each received a $250 donation!
2018 Employee Donations

3% of Time
GOAL = 72 hours

Here we again significantly exceeded our goal with a total of 119 volunteering hours were logged in 2018. Our activities included demolition work with Habitat for Humanity of Monmouth County NJ and revisiting The Bowery Mission to help serve meals to those in need. We also teamed up with Volunteers of America for two great events, a golf outing for youth and a luncheon to appreciate our U.S. Veterans.

3% of Fee
GOAL = $69,000

2018 pro-bono work exceeded our goal with over $70,000 of complimentary engineering services performed.
Our pro bono projects included Project Hospitality, The Bowery Mission, The Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Children Center of NY, The International Aids Vaccine Initiative and Queens Council on the Arts. 

We look forward to the THREE 3’s effort in 2019.

As the company has grown significantly, our goals will as well making it the largest outreach effort our company has ever taken on to date.

Our new goals for 2019 will be as follows:

  • Donations – $20,000
  • Volunteering – 120-hours
  • Pro Bono Work – $105,000