The Bowery Mission’s New Location

Skid Row: Not a place anyone ever hopes to find themselves. Against all hope however, that is exactly where thousands of New Yorkers find themselves each year. As early as the late 1800’s in Manhattan, the term “Skid Row” was a nickname given to the area known as The Bowery, located in the southern portion of the island. The Bowery Mission was established during this period and provided a light in the darkness for newly arrived immigrants and poor people of the city, in need of food and shelter. Over 100 years later, the Bowery Mission continues as a beacon of hope for the working poor and homeless of New York City. While still providing shelter and food for survival, the Bowery Mission also provides counseling and training to the working poor and homeless; allowing a pathway for them to become a productive member of society.

EP Engineering has joined forces with the Bowery Mission to provide engineering services for a new location on Avenue D just above the Bowery, in the East Village area. The scope of the project is a 20,000 square foot renovation of a 6-story building which had previously served as a shelter for the working poor and homeless of the area. The interior of the building will be updated with new systems, finishes and spaces. It will be equipped with administrative offices, classrooms, kitchen/cafeteria and community style transitional living quarters. In all it will be an inspiring space for The Bowery Mission to continue their tradition.

The Bowery Mission’s story is incredibly compelling and in an effort to help make their beacon of hope shine just a little brighter, EP Engineering, as part of our “Three 3’s” programhas pledged to provide pro bono mechanical engineering services for this project.

To get involved with The Bowery Mission, check out their website: