Electronics and Battery Recycling – The Big Green Box

EP has implemented another recycling program in the office, the recycling of disposable batteries! Thousands of disposable batteries are throw away daily and filling our landfills. Did you know that due to the contents, batteries should be disposed of separately from your everyday trash? Batteries contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals. When disposed of improperly, these harmful contents are polluting and contaminating the environment.

The EP team wanted to do their part and help make a difference. That’s where the Big Green Box comes in! It’s simple. Fill it, seal it, and ship it! All the costs of recycling and shipping in included with the purchase of the box. Instructions are included with how to properly package your batteries to ensure safe shipping. Electronic devices can also be collected for recycling! Once shipped, contents are recovered and treated in the most efficient and environmentally-sound way possible. This closes the eco-loop on batteries, and also makes it possible to reuse valuable battery materials.

To purchase your own box and for more information, visit their website: