Joint Volunteering Event at Governor’s Island with Highmark!

For the first time ever, we joined forces for our latest volunteering event, helping double our efforts. EP Engineering and Highmark spent the morning at Governor’s Island for some much-needed spring cleaning.

With 172 acres to care for and a small gardening team, volunteers are crucial to providing critical care to the Island. The group made a huge impact toward meeting the rigorous demands of stewarding the Island’s new and historic landscapes.

The team of 20 were able to tackle all the needed tasks which included:

  • Removal of lawn bags (around 200 cubic feet) of mug wort, thistle, vetch, and other invasive plants from the Liggett Terrace hedge maze and surrounding tree beds and shade structures – creating space for native plants, such as little bluestem and milkweed, and allowing visitors to safely explore and enjoy the space.
  • Remove 9 defective light fixtures from the hedge maze
  • Relocate lawn furniture, allowing for mowing nearby garden beds
  • Renice weeds along roughly 200 feet of garden bed curbs

Our first joint volunteering event proved to be a big success allowing all to mingle while making an impact. It was also the perfect spring day which added to the ambiance.

To learn more about Governor’s Island or get involved, head to their website: