Covenant House – Kit Packing Volunteering

Each year, 4.2 million young people in the United States experience a form of homelessness. Since 1972, Covenant House has opened its doors to over 1.5 million young people across the United States.  NYC has recorded the highest number of youths experiencing homelessness of any city in the US with around 3,673 individuals under the age of 25. The numbers are increasing each year. Most youth do not become homeless by choice. The causes are complex and not due to a single incident or issue. But certain risk factors can increase a young person’s chances of experiencing homelessness such as human trafficking, lack of affordable housing, racial discrimination, and seeking asylum in the US. Young people of color, pregnant and parenting youth, and the LGBTQ+ community are the most at risk for youth homelessness.

After learning the staggering numbers and Covenant Houses mission, EP wanted to step in and help.

We spent one afternoon packing a total of 60 toiletry kits which were sent to 2 of Covenants houses facilities. The kit included essential needs such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs/brushes, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, and soap. All items were packed into a new duffle bag for each individual to review along with a note of encouragement from our team.

Covenant House provides an array of services and support to all young individuals who enter their doors including health and mental health services, education and employment services, shelter, transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing.

To get involved with Covenant House or you know someone in need of their services, head to their website: