LAA EWN Process for Utility Company Gas Restoration

The DOB has recently revised the Emergency Work Notification (EWN) process for work associated with “Gas Emergency Conditions”. For these emergency gas restorations, a Licensed Master Plumber must now submit a gas EWN to the Limited Alteration Application (LAA) unit in the form of an email (addressed to The same email shall also be sent to the appropriate utility company (ie – National Grid or Con Edison). This email must include the following:

Subject Line:

  • Address of the emergency
  • Licensee’s name, company name & license number.

Email Body:

  • The reason for immediate request for gas restoration by the utility company.
  • Licensee’s telephone and fax number
  • Statement that a LAA1 or Plan Work Application (PW1) will be filed in accordance with §28-105.4.1

The sender will receive an auto-reply email from the LAA unit, at which point they can commence with the emergency work. The auto-reply email must be posted at the site until the LAA unit provides an “Emergency Work Issuance Notice”.

All other emergency work can be filed using the existing process. For a description of this process and the full service update bulletin, click here.