Local Law 26/04: Sprinkler Requirement

Applies to: Office buildings 100-feet in height or greater. An owner cannot convert a building that is 100 feet or greater in height to an office building, or for use in occupancy group E, without installing sprinklers.

Required: Report certifying the building is 100% sprinklered and code compliant. If the building is not fully sprinklered, a report indicating what percentage of the building has sprinkler coverage and what steps will be taken to achieve full compliance by 2019, must be submitted to the NYC Local Law Enforcement Unit by the next upcoming deadline. The remaining filing deadlines are as follows:

  • 14-Year Report – Due July 1, 2018
  • Final Report – Due July 1, 2019

Exemptions: Only for office buildings, when the owner can demonstrate that it is not practical to install sprinklers in a limited portion of the building, due to structural conditions or status as an interior landmark space. The Commissioner may require additional fire safety measures.

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