Helping Keep New York Clean

EP Engineering has joined with The Eco-Group of New York to recycle our engineering drawings and plans. The Eco-Group of New York is on a mission to provide companies like ours a FREE alternative to recycle old outdated or unwanted drawings. They are a sponsor of the …Read More

Annual Summer Boat Cruise

3rd Annual Summer Boat Cruise! Once again, the EP team headed down to the Skyport Marina to board the “Jewel”, for the 3rd annual summer cruise around downtown Manhattan! The entire office makes sure to keep their calendar clear for this event, as it has been such a …Read More

EP Team Attends First Aid/CPR/AED Training Class

This month EP took our 1st First Aid/CPR/AED training class at Frontline Health (An American Red Cross Partner). We took this class because cardiac arrest – an electrical malfunction in the heart that causes an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) and disrupts the flow of blood to the brain, lungs …Read More

Electronics and Battery Recycling – The Big Green Box

EP has implemented another recycling program in the office, the recycling of disposable batteries! Thousands of disposable batteries are throw away daily and filling our landfills. Did you know that due to the contents, batteries should be disposed of separately from your everyday trash? Batteries contain toxic …Read More

Grounds to Grow On

EP Engineering has incorporated The Grounds to Grow On program into our everyday office sustainability practices. The Grounds to Grow On program converts brewed K-Cup packs into useable alternatives. While they continue to research and develop other earth friendly packaging solutions for the K-Cup pack, the recovery …Read More