Project Hospitality

Project Hospitality began a journey to help hungry and homeless people on a cold winter night back in 1982. Homeless people who were struggling to stay warm were seeking shelter at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Project Hospitality founders reached out to these people and provided a warm refuge and food to them during their hard time. Since that cold night in 1982, Project Hospitality continues to reach out to the homeless as well as provide supportive services to people with special medical needs (HIV/AIDS patients, substance abuse, mental health issues).

Project Hospitality is a not for profit agency whose mission is to reach out to local community members who may be hungry, homeless or have other basic needs. Their goal is to get these individuals to a point where they can achieve self-sufficiency. Project Hospitality believes this out-reach will ultimately enhance the quality of life in the local community for which it serves.

EP Engineering partnered with Project Hospitality and The Hudson Companies to provide engineering services for a 6-floor, ground-up construction, Supportive/Affordable Housing facility. The project is 48,000 square feet and is comprised of (48) dwelling units, administrative offices, recreation space and a community center. The facility will be equipped with energy efficient ventilation systems, as well as an Emergency Generator which will ensure that the essential electrical loads keep running in the facility during a power outage.

Project Hospitality is doing some pretty amazing things for the most vulnerable people in their communities. In an effort to help Project Hospitality fulfill their mission; EP Engineering has pledged to provide pro bono mechanical engineering services for this project as part of our “Three 3’s” program.

To learn more about Project Hospitality’s mission and services, be sure to visit their website.