Cooling Tower Plant Upgrade 387 Park Ave South

One of New York City’s older high rise office building built in 1923 now has the added capacity to accommodate the demanding cooling loads of modern tenants thanks in part to its upgraded cooling tower plant. EP Engineering designed and oversaw the construction of a brand new super quiet 800 Ton cooling tower with modern 75 HP VFD driven pumps for this 215,000 SF building. All this controlled with a sophisticated new building management system adjusting the system operation based on the actual outside conditions! Thanks to this, the building owner will experience reduced energy consumption for its 2012 current tenants including Sterling Publishing Co. and SUNY. This upgrade has expanded the potential lessees to include those with much higher HVAC demands that previously could not be accommodated.


387 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016

Project Size

80 Ton Cooling Tower

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Engineering challenges

  • For the project to be economically acceptable to Ownership the existing building structure needed to be reused without upgrades and the existing condenser water risers reused as well.
  • The floor below the equipment room will be occupied by important owner- ship personnel and therefore required that special acoustical treatments be applied to the pumps, cooling towers and piping.
  • The project was constrained to a short time frame for design, filing and construction so that the building could provide the tenants with cooling for the spring season.

Engineering outcomes

  • In order to provide the best suited option for the owner, a feasibility study was performed and multiple different scenarios were thought out. Ultimately only the most fitting option was designed.
  • Custom 4″ spring isolators installed below the cooling tower and the pumps and piping were both isolated from the building structure.
  • In order to minimize the acoustical impact on the building and its surroundings, ultra quiet cooling tower fans were used.

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