Bay Ridge Medical Care Brooklyn

Located in the heart of Bay Ridge Brooklyn, Bay Ridge Medical Care expanded its medical facilities by renovating the 3,500 square foot cellar that now serves as a complete outpatient surgery center. The new office includes an operating room, patient exam and treatment spaces, as well as an endoscopy suite allowing for comprehensive patient care. EP Engineering designed complete MEP systems including sterile operating spaces with HEPA filtration as well as a dedicated emergency generator all while within full compliance of Article 28, Public Health Law and FGI Healthcare Guidelines.


370 Bay Ridge Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11209

Project Size

3,500 sf

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Engineering challenges

  • Coordinating with a fully operating medical office to renovate the cellar below.
  • Minimizing special requirements for the MEP systems to be able to provide dedicated exhaust and cooling systems to the various medical procedure spaces within a cellar.
  • Locating a full generator system to minimize foot print without losing usable lot space.

Engineering outcomes

  • We were able to design a functional MEP system which served a class B operating room and endoscopy procedure room while maintaining strict FGI code compliance.
  • A complete emergency generator system was integrated into the existing electrical service to satisfy NFPA requirements.
  • The entire space was provided with a new hot water service which was designed to minimize square footage in the building while serving the various medical equipment like endoscope processing devices.

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