Crotona Parkway Ambulatory Surgical Center

Crotona Parkway ASC is a 10,000 sq. ft. Ambulatory Surgical Center on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a newly renovated building located at 1976 Crotona Parkway, Bronx, NY. The space consists of 2 Class C Operating Rooms, 4 Procedure rooms, Exam Rooms and all necessary supporting rooms. EP Engineering worked closely with Terjesen Associates, Architects and the owner to design the MEP systems serving the surgical suite, along with the required Nurse Call, Medical Gas, and Type 1 EES systems required for a compliant Article 28 surgical facility.


1976 Crotona Parkway, Bronx, NY

Project Size

10,000 sf

Engineering challenges

  • Coordinating the tenant MEP design systems with the ongoing base-building design and construction.
  • Maintaining code compliant 25 ft between exhaust and intake openings while maintaining minimum 10 ft form lot lines due to limited available termination locations.
  • Coordinating humidifier installation locations to allow proper pipe pitch to the ductwork while maintaining required access clearances above the ceiling.

Engineering outcomes

  • Design of Type 1 EES served by existing generator to properly serve the new surgical suite.
  • Design of MERV 14 filtration system with minimal static pressure for use with VRF air handling units serving OR rooms.
  • Coordinating locations of outdoor condensing units and intake/discharge louvers on setback roof to minimize footprint and to avoid running additional refrigerant piping and ductwork up to the main roof.

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