Hello Townhaus Passive Construction

Luxury condo developers, HelloLiving, have recently completed construction on a collection of eight single-family townhomes, located in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn. Each three-story residence features 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large private and roof terraces, laundry room and a finished cellar.  The project was named “Hello Townhaus”, as it was built with components and systems in accordance with the energy efficiency standards for “Passivehaus” level buildings.


22-36 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Project Size

20,000 sf

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Engineering challenges

  • Design of mechanical and fire protection systems that would keep piping and ductwork out of sight and maintain high ceilings throughout.
  • Mechanically ventilation apartments due to tight construction that utilizes high performance doors, windows and insulation.

Engineering outcomes

  • Multi-zone VRF systems were provided with slim ducted and wall mounted ductless air handlers.  Trade ready joists were utilized for piping distribution.
  • Centralized, Passivehaus certified, energy recovery ventilators were provided to ventilate each townhome.

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