The Knickerbocker Club Wine Cellar Renovation

The Knickerbocker Club is the first gentlemen’s club in New York City, dating back to the Civil War. A recent project at their facility included renovating the cellar for wine tasting events and special storage for the organizations many vintages.


2 East 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065

Project Size

1,200 sf

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Engineering challenges

  • Working with extremely dated existing mechanical cooling & heating systems
  • Low ceilings in the basement made it challenging to fit equipment and ductwork

Engineering outcomes

  • A dedicated cooling, heating and humidifying split system was designed for the wine cellar, divorced from the existing base building systems. This system conditions the environment where the wine resides within specific tolerances to ensure its preservation.
  • Through meticulous coordination and survey work, we identified feasible locations for all mechanical equipment, ductwork and piping

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