Movement Climbing and Fitness Gym

Movement is a climbing, yoga and fitness gym with over 30 locations in 9 states across the United States. One of their core values is the belief that transformation and helping each other brings out the best in our community and will help change the world for the better. EP Engineering provided full Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Sprinkler and Fire Alarm services for Movement in Brooklyn, NY.


233 Nevins Street Brooklyn, NY

Project Size

40,000 sf

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Engineering outcomes

  • Vertical ductwork from the roof top unit was hidden where possible behind the climbing walls.
  • Designed mechanical system with strategically located return grilles to encourage ‘hand chalk’ dust migration into the return air system. The dust is ultimately filtered out of the air utilizing inline duct filters.
  • The fire protection design required special attention to ensure proper sprinkler coverage in areas behind the climbing walls, and where the climbing walls obstructed floor coverage.

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