The EP Water Bottle

EP Engineering water bottle

Water is the most important thing we consume on a daily basis. If we use more water than we take in, our bodies don’t have enough fluids to carry out normal functions. The inability to replace these lost fluids, leads to dehydration. Even the slightest level of dehydration can negatively impact bodily functions. Eight 8-ounce glasses of water (or one half-gallon) is a great baseline for daily water consumption. In an effort to stay hydrated, EP has provided all employees with an EP water bottle, as part of a month-long contest to see who could consistently drink the most water while in the office.

Congrats to Senior Plumbing/Fire Protection Engineer, John Donovan, who won the contest by drinking 3,249.4 oz of water!

Senior Plumbing/Fire Protection Engineer, John Donovan

In addition to the water challenge, we have asked the EP team to take photos of their water bottles during their travels and vacations over the summer. Be sure to check out our LinkedIn page and watch where our employees are staying hydrated this summer!