The Three 3’s Initiative – 2018 Employee Donations!

In January 2016, we launched our “Three 3’s”  initiative which entailed 3% of PROFIT being donated to charity, 3% of PTO TIME dedicated to volunteering efforts and 3% of FEE to pro-bono work for institutions promoting community and sustainability. The Three 3’s initiative was adopted as a way for us to outline aggressive outreach goals for EP Engineering to reach in each calendar year. To help round out the 3% of profit goal, we asked each employee to pick an organization for the company to donate to on their behalf. We ended up with a wide variety of organizations and was a great way for us to discover new causes and see what’s important to each of us.

We take pride in the “Three 3’s” program and look forward to again meeting our goal in 2019!

For a list of organizations from our donation initiative, see below.

Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center

The Ellie Foundation

Free Arts NYC

Best Friends Animal Society

Breaking Ground

Friendship Bridge

Harlem Grown

Push to Walk

Docs for Tots

Hire Heroes USA

Helen Keller International

American Cancer Society

Blissful Bedrooms

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

Grow NYC

Lung Cancer Research Foundation

ASF – Warriors in Motion