Volunteering Retreat – Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

This October, EP had it’s very first volunteering weekend retreat in Upstate, NY. The team dedicated a full Saturday during this getaway to volunteering with the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Founded in 2004, The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary started with a few fields and has since grown and has been able to take in more animals. Few organizations exist that provide shelter and care to farm animals as opposed to the many that exist that focus on companion animals. Seeing these animals in the environment that they were meant to be in is a rare and rich experience.

Our volunteering day consisted of learning what it’s like to work on a farm and take care of these farm animals. We fully cleaned out the animals stalls and then provided fresh bedding and hay which provides a comfy stay. We also assisted with other cleaning tasks. At the end of a long day, we got a private tour of the sanctuary and got to meet and greet a few of the residents of the sanctuary. Not sure which animal was the favorite, but we enjoyed interacting with them all!

The rest of the weekend was enjoyed by all as a great way to get out of the city and enjoy the fall foliage. It was also a great way for us co-workers to relax and enjoys each other’s company outside the office. We look forward to the next volunteering event and hope to plan another getaway soon!

To learn more about the sanctuary and to get involved visit their website below: