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Fire Service Access Elevators

As of the 2014 NYC Building Code, buildings with occupied more than 120’ above fire department vehicle access height must be provided with at least one fire service access elevator (NYC Building Code 403.6.1). This elevator allows trained fire department personal to utilize the elevator during a …Read More

Local Law 77 of 2023 – Code Revisions

On June 10, 2023 NYC enacted Local Law 77 of 2023 which revises the 2022 versions of the Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Codes. Keen eyed readers may have already noticed the following note at the top of the NYC DOB’s online versions of the building …Read More

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters

In a previous EP Knows article we took a look at large scale heat pump water heaters plants where the condensing units are located remotely (typically outside) and water is stored elsewhere, inside the building. While a few manufacturers offer a similar arrangement for small scale domestic …Read More

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Heat Pump Water Heaters in NYC

Heat Pump Water Heaters in NYC - warming up to the new choice in heater tech For decades, gas-fired water heaters have been the most common choice for building-scale domestic water heating systems. Condensing gas heaters offer similar efficiency to electric resistance units but have a much lower …Read More

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New Year, New Code

With 2021 in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to start putting some important dates on your 2022 calendar and beyond. January 4, 2022 & January 10, 2022:The NYC Department of Environmental Protection is in the process of updating the Unified Stormwater Rules which will impact storm water detention …Read More